The following documents are full of information to help prospective players know what they're getting into and to provide some background information on the stories and universe that surround Bothwell School of Witchcraft. Click the book covers below to access the documents.

Design Document


The design document is intended to give everyone an overview of what happens when you enroll at Bothwell School of Witchcraft, how to play your characters, practical information and other useful tips. It is not essential to read the full document, however if you decide to join us it’s definitely worth giving it a look over.

Lore Document


This Document provides a wealth of background of information on Bothwell and the universe it is set in. Players are welcome to use this information to deepen their characters but it is not the primary focus of the experience. First and foremost, it’s an experience about a school; the small stuff - asking someone out for a date, doing well (or bad) at a test, and the camaraderie inherent in being a member of a House is what the experience is about.

Student Handbook


This Document provides background information about the subjects taught at the school. WARNING - This text is for background information only and it is up to players to decide whether to use or completely disregard the information within these pages (read the foreword).

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