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Bothwell School of Witchcraft is an enchanting 4 day interactive, immersive, role playing experience. Surrounded by the towering castle walls, expansive gardens and grounds as well as all the characters and creatures that the wizarding world brings together, you'll easily be able to become a part of the school of magic you always dreamed of attending!

You can become a student or a professor and you'll take part in every day school life, which, at an institute of witchcraft, is anything but 'normal'. You'll get to:

  • Take part in lessons on the art of witchcraft, including falconry.

  • Be sorted into one of the School Houses and compete for the House Shield.

  • Stay in a spectacular 15th century castle, all meals included.

  • In victory or defeat you can celebrate at the school's lavish banquet and ball.

  • And much, much more! 

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Situated in East Sussex, England, Herstmonceux Castle is a 300 acre estate including woodland, formal themed gardens and of course a 15th century moated castle. Made from red brick, Herstmonceux Castle is one of the earliest examples of a brick built building in England.

We transform Herstmonceux Castle into Bothwell School School of Witchcraft using our own custom set-dressing the day before all our events. During the experience we have access to most of the castle, as well as the 300 acres of gardens and grounds. We use the full space so you can take Alchemy class with ceiling high windows and flag-stone floors then later run into a Minotaur in the woods!

Below is one of our early videos that showcases the castle and grounds and a handy map! If you want to find out more about Herstmonceux Castle you can visit their website by clicking here.


Role Playing

If you've ever been to a murder mystery before, role playing works in exactly the same way. Much like a video game, you will become the central character in your very own story! It's then up to you to decide how you want to interact with the world around you.

Before the event you will be 'cast' as the character you will become at Bothwell. How you interpret your character is entirely up to you, they may be very close to your own personality or wildly different.


We send you a survey to capture your preferences - maybe you want to become the house team captain or perhaps you'd rather just go about your studies. Whatever your preferences, there's a place and a role for you at Bothwell! 

If you want to find out more about the different characters you can play and different ways you can interact with the school, you may want to check out our design document by clicking the link below.


Practical Info

Here is just a snippet of the practical information you need to know before attending one of our events.

Our events take place on specific dates throughout the year. We don't release new dates until the current ones have sold a sufficient number. To check out our upcoming events, head over to our events page.


Herstmonceux Castle. You can read more in our locations section or visit the castles website here.


We have a detailed section on how to arrive at the venue in our design document. We also put on a coach from both Gatwick and Heathrow for our large events.


We provide your robe and tie hire for the event, the rest is up to you. The most basic elements we require for the dress code is a collared shirt (for your tie) and smart trousers/skirt. Beyond that you can accessorise your costume however you want! Hats, for example, are very fashionable in the wizarding world!


Accommodation and food are all included in your ticket. The castle has it's own accommodation in the form of student halls and meals are full board, including a banquet on the final night.

Lodging & Food

Tickets are available here on our website. Go to our tickets page to check it out



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