Ticket Information

Below you'll find everything you need to know about what your ticket includes, the different options available and how the payment plan works.

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Whats Included?

Custom Character

We'll write you a custom character based on your preferences


You'll stay 3 nights at the castles on-site accommodation.

4- Day Experience

All the activities you'll be taking part in, including falconry and workshops to help you get started

Robe & Tie

Your robe and tie hire is included in the ticket as well as a student handbook.


You'll get all your meals from when you arrive until you leave, including a banquet!

Price & Ways to Pay

Ticket prices for our usual events are below (prices are subject to change). We realise Bothwell is an expensive event so we've created a payment plan too




Payment Plan

£150 deposit

Non-refundable deposit, followed by monthly installments spread between purchase & event 

Standard Ticket


Includes the full experience with a twin room in shared accommodation

Deluxe Ticket


Limited quantity available, includes an upgraded room with a double bed and en-suite

Couples Ticket


Limited quantity available, includes a ticket for two people in a deluxe room.

Gold Upgrade


Can be added to any ticket, for more details see below 

The Gold Package

The Gold Package upgrade can be added to any ticket type. It means you'll get to keep your robe, house tie and student handbook. In addition, you'll also receive a house scarf in the colours of the house you're sorted into!

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